In the middle of all the craziness of trying to get life back to some form of normal, don't forget about the end of Daylight Savings Time!

Come Saturday night before you go to bed, make sure to adjust your clocks by moving the time back by one hour - you know the rule of "Spring Ahead" and Fall Back"!

The good news is this weekend you will gain an hour of sleep (and after this past week this may be a welcomed sight), but this also means that nighttime come earlier (which only seems to excite those night owls who may stay out this Saturday night to gain an extra hour in their favorite bar-type establishment - if they are open!)

What you may not know is that the idea of Daylight Savings was first brought up back in 1784 by Ben Franklin, but it has been in existence since World War I.  The rationale has been since days shorten in the Fall and Winter months, sunrises get later and later - without the "Fall Back" you would be waking up and spending a significant portion of your mornings in the dark.

So don't forget your clocks that need adjusting to make the change, and just know that warmer weather is only about 6 months away.