Some local business owners were hosting a Memorial Day party for their employees and families.  They also had a jar outside, asking for donations to a local animal orphanage, that ended up completely empty!



Pat Martin and her son Jason, owners of Balsamo’s Pizza in Lindenwold hosted the backyard party, and the only thing they encouraged their guests to do is contribute to the Animal Orphanage in Voorhees.


Hundreds of dollars were donated, and hundreds of dollars were stolen.  Not just a few dollars in change, the entire amount! The jar was completely empty.


At least some good news can come out of this story, according to NBC 10, 'Once word spread of the theft, customers at Balsamo’s quickly took action, and new donations poured in.  A website was created to take in the money and an anonymous donor even dropped off $1,000 in cash, far surpassing the amount raised at the party.  As of right now, the website alone has raised over two thousand dollars!