Why leave your furry friends out of the fun?  Make it a Happy Howlloween for them!  Here are some fun pet costume ideas...IF you can get yours to cooperate, lol.

--Pupcess Leah and Dog Vader






devlyn, Flickr.com





--Hello Kitty









Geckoa, Flickr





--Pirate Pups






Junn, Flickr




--First Mate Feline






Shandi-Lee, Flickr





--King of Guinea Pigs








dapuglet, Flickr













Jennuine Captures, Flickr




--Pumpkin kitty






AmbieBambie35097, Flickr





--Busy bee






alasm, Flickr





--Witchy Woofer








dapuglet, Flickr




--Elf Pug









cwmeeks, Flickr




--Postman Pup







jmb1977, Flickr











Jackson pe, Flickr





Got a cute photo of YOUR pet in costume?  Attach it in our comment box below!  Happy Howl-oween :-)