A credit card skimming device was found attached to an ATM machine in N. Cape May last week.  We've got some tips on how to protect yourself from this type of scam.

According to NBC40.net, Lower Township Police Department responded to the North Cape May Branch, Bank of America on Bayshore Road last Tuesday, August 13 to investigate an electronic skimming device that was found attached to an ATM.

Further inquiry confirmed the device was placed there on Saturday, August 10, 2013 at 2:13 pm and was discovered by a customer on the same date less than 45 minutes later.

The Lower Township P.D. recommends anyone that used that ATM location on that date, to monitor their bank accounts. Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities.

So how can you protect yourself?


photo courtesy NBC40.net


How to Spot Skimmers

  • Credit card skimmers look just like the machines that merchants and ATMs use to legitimately swipe our plastic. Skimmers can come in all shapes and sizes. Some are so professional looking you might not be able to tell them apart from a real credit card machine; others (like the one my brother spotted) are sketchtastically homemade.
  • At ATMs or self-serve kiosks, high-quality skimmers may be attached on the outside of the legitimate card slot (so you put your card through both without realizing it). Lower-grade skimmers are attached in a location that’s not the actual credit card slot and just rely on you to notice the skimmer first and swipe your card through it. (Or the thieves may have disabled or covered up the legitimate card slot).
  • One final note: thieves that install skimmers on ATMs may also install a tiny camera that will attempt to record your PIN as you enter it. So it’s a good habit to always cover the keypad with your free hand as you punch in your numbers.

Where Can Skimmers Be Found?

  • Automated teller machines (ATMs)
  • Gas pumps
  • Public transit ticket machines
  • Movie theater ticket kiosks
  • Red Box DVD rental machines

What To Do If You Find A Skimmer

If you suspect you’ve found a skimmer, call local police at once and notify the owners of the machine. If you fear you’ve used a skimmer, call your bank or credit card company and let them know. You and your bank can decide to cancel your card and replace it or simply keep an eye on your statement for any fraudulent activity.

(courtesy of MoneyUnder30.com)