For most of South Jersey, it's prom season.  For most parents, this is the time of year where a lot of money will go to the dresses, tuxes, and what ever wild thing the kid wants to do.  However, no worries!  Here some creative ways to save some money:


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Make Your Own Corsages

Buy a couple of flowers from the supermarket (or cut some from your garden) and make your date's corsage yourself with some wire and floral tape.


Skip the Fancy Dinner

Get your make up done for free----where's Mom?  Aunt Sue?

Borrow the parents car---although that could cost more in the long run, think about the drastic possibilities.

Bargain Hunt for Tuxedos

As long as you've got a tuxedo on, you've already fulfilled your glamour quotient the evening. See if any of your male relatives have a tuxedo to lend, and if they don't, comparison shop before deciding on a rental service.

What's your creative idea?  How are you/did you save money on the prom?

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