When I first saw this photo, it looked like something out of Gone With The Wind, as all of Atlanta burned behind Scarlett and Rhett.  But this is no movie.  Michael Wolber and April Hartley had to evacuate their own wedding in Oregon before the wildfire there got too close, but not before they posed for some stunningly dangerous looking shots.

Photographer Josh Newton told 6abc.com everything was set up for the 4 p.m. ceremony in Bend, Oregon when, just as the bride was about to walk down the aisle, a fire truck rolled in, sirens blaring.


Firefighters told the wedding party and the guests they must evacuate as soon as possible.  The couple, however, was allowed to squeeze in their nuptials just in time.

Following the 'I Do's Newton and the couple were able to sneak away for a few photos, the growing wildfire their backdrop.

These are certainly some of the most profound wedding photos I've ever seen.  And definitely will provide stories for their future children and grandchildren.