There is still a buzz going on from the town hall styled 2nd Presidential Debate, but as we get closer to Election Day something historic could be waiting that could make the 2000 election look like a picnic.

You would not think it possible that the 2012 Election could end in a tie, but this scenario is looking more likely than anybody would think possible.  The fact is all components of this scenario have to go perfectly - meaning that swing states like Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida would be wins for Mitt Romney.  On the other side, swing states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire go to President Obama.

To give you a visual idea of this, the U.S. map would have Obama in Blue, and Romney in Red - see the Electoral Map thanks to CNN (scroll down to My Picks where it says CNN Electoral Map).

The end result is a 269-269 tie in the Electoral College.  So now what?  Romney would have won more states than the President (29-22, with Obama having DC), but if it is very likely that Obama would have the popular vote edge (winning the large populated states like California and New York).  Neither of these facts go into breaking this tie.

The process seems simple, but is it fair?  Check out this video to understand how a tie is broken, and concentrate on the part where it is possible that in breaking the tie you could have a President from one party and a Vice President from the other.

Welcome to the democratic process that we hope may never happen, but if it as going to happen this election presents the greatest chance in modern history of it happening - making the 2000 Florida nightmare look potentially tame in comparison.