The Cotton Candy grape craze has hit the Jersey Shore. These miracles of nature are only available for a very short period of time, and finding them isn't easy. 

Do these grapes live up to the buzz? Yes!

Matt Ryan, Townsquare Media

These all-natural green grapes from third generation California grape growers Grapery taste and smell exactly like cotton candy.

I'll be honest when I first tried one of these grapes, I thought to myself "there's no way they aren't pumping these things full of sugar." I was wrong. They are about as all natural as it gets. Sustainably grown and non-GMO. How do these growers get their grapes to taste like cotton candy? Good luck finding that out. The secret is carefully guarded.

Now, these things aren't cheap. And they're not available in every produce section. The bag featured in this post was purchased at Wegmans in Ocean. Yesterday I tried picking some up at the Wegmans in Manalapan, but they were sold out.

According to Grapery, the cotton candy grapes are available at Wegmans, Sam's Club, Foodtown, Stop & Shop and Delicious Orchards. However, I've been told you can find them at Whole Foods, Costco and local markets.

I can tell you that my local Stop & Shop in Toms River rarely have them. They often sell out day of.

These grapes are available through September 20, so do yourself a favor and try to find them before they're out of season!

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