Imagine the classic game show The Hollywood Squares back on TV, but this time the show moves to Brooklyn and the flavor has a hip-hop beat to it............welcome to the newest show for MTV.

A few generations have experienced the fun of The Hollywood Squares - your grandparents probably enjoyed regulars like Paul Lynde and Wally Cox, along with host Peter Marshall on NBC from 1965-1981.  Another generation discovered Jim J. Bullock in the center square during the 1986-1989 syndicated version.  Then there was Whoopi, Ellen, and Tom Bergeron connected to the CBS version between 1998-2004.  Somehow you cannot keep this classic show off TV!

MTV is now trying this show with a new location, a new vibe, and a party atmosphere.  Hip-Hop Squares just debut with the same "Old School" rules of Tic-Tac-Toe and Agree or Disagree questions, but with east coast attitude with an urban slant.

Expect celebrity guest in the squares to range from Nick Cannon and Bam Margera, to Lil' Jon and much more.  Judge for yourself by watching the trailer.

Hip-Hip Squares is on Tuesday nights at 11pm on MTV2.