During a Mitt Romney campaign event in Exeter, NH Sunday night Governor Chris Christie took on a protester who shouted “Christie kills jobs.”

According to the Boston Globe, Christie took on his “New Jersey persona” to the crowd of 1000 at Exeter Area High School and told the woman, “You know, something may go down tonight, but it ain’t going to be jobs, sweetheart.”

Christie said he created 60,000 private sector jobs while governor, and he doubled-down on his criticism of his opponents. “If she wasn’t so blind by her Barack Obama-induced anger, she’d know that American jobs are coming back when Mitt Romney is the next president of the United States,” he said in singling out one female protester.

Like Romney in this weekend’s debates, Christie focused on President Obama and his record. According to the Globe, he told the crowd, “We can no longer put up with the most pessimistic man I have ever seen in the Oval Office,” Christie bellowed to a packed gymnasium.

He accused Obama of trying to distract attention from his failed leadership by turning the American people against one another. “He’s decided, as the most cynical reelection strategy you can ever think of, that he doesn’t care if you’re angry, he just wants to you be angry at somebody else,” Christie said of Obama.

Labeling such division “un-American,” he added: “This is a president who believes that the American pie has now grown as large as it will ever get; it’s not going to get any bigger, so what he’s telling people across America is, ‘If you aren’t satisfied with your piece of the pie, and you think the man next to you has a bigger piece,’ he says, ‘I’ve got solution for you: I’ll take part of his piece – I’ll keep most of it – and I’ll give a little bit to you, and you should be happy,’ because that’s what America is going to be under four more years of Barack Obama.”

According to Christie, Romney “believes he size of the American pie is infinite, that the only thing – the only thing – that limits the size of the American pie is our work ethic, our integrity, our ingenuity, and that means American’s pie is limitless.”

Gingrich To Romney: Come Clean

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is demanding that Republican presidential rival Mitt Romney tell the public more about how he operated as a venture capitalist, saying the GOP can’t have a nominee who will be vulnerable to Obama campaign charges of corporate raiding.

Gingrich tells NBC’s “Today” show he hasn’t seen a new campaign film that will run in his behalf in South Carolina, a production that faults the former Massachusetts governor as a ruthless corporate raider whose work often cost people their jobs.

Gingrich says Romney “owes us a report on his stewardship” of Bain Capital in the last several years.

The Georgia Republican acknowledges that his campaign was thrown off stride by Romney’s negative ads in Iowa and said he doesn’t intend to let that happen again elsewhere.

Romney Defends Business Record

Mitt Romney says he likes being able to “fire people” who don’t provide adequate business services.

The Republican presidential candidate also is defending his business background as rivals step up their attacks.

Romney told a Nashua Chamber of Commerce breakfast on Monday that he wants to allow people to shop for their own health insurance instead of just receiving it from their employers. He says that would allow them to fire their health insurer if they aren’t happy with it.

Romney, who made millions working as a venture capitalist, is facing criticism from Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and other rivals over his tenure at Bain Capital.

On Sunday, Romney said he worried about being “pink slipped,” though his campaign could not provide an example of when he feared getting fired.


Perry Joins Gingrich In Attack On Romney

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry is taking it to rival Mitt Romney for saying he feared

getting a pink slip during his executive career.

Perry says he doesn’t doubt that Romney worried about pink slips but that his concern was most likely over whether he’d have enough of them to hand out.

Perry, the governor of Texas, cited South Carolina companies that downsized while controlled by a private equity firm Romney once ran. Perry said it would be an “insult” for Romney to come to the state and ask voters to support him now.

Perry campaigned in South Carolina on Monday. The state holds the South’s first primary on Jan. 21 and Perry is hoping a strong finish will rejuvenate his lagging campaign. He is skipping Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.