SoJO’s March Manness 2016 Puts Voting in Your Hands!
Last year your votes crowned Adam Levine the winner of our March Manness bracket! So we decided we'd retire Adam, and pit a new batch of the hottest men in sports, music, movies and TV against each other! And the more matches you vote on, the better your chances of winning our grand prize!
A Blind Date Mouth Shocker
Danielle in Hamilton Township was set up with a nice guy by her girlfriend. She didn't mention to Danielle that he had THIS going on with his MOUTH!
Dating and Disagree on Politics
Listeners Jim and Christina in Gloucester County have been dating  for 3 months and the subject hasn't come up until recently with all the election discussion in the news.
Where Would You Want to Take a Long Weekend? [POLL]
We want to send you and a guest away for a long weekend! We're in the process of finalizing details, but there's one thing we can't decide on: the destination! How about out to the Pacific Northwest, or Napa Valley, or Hotlanta! Vote in our poll and let us know!

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