15 Emojis That Perfectly Explain Life in South Jersey
New Jersey is a place unlike any other. Often referred to as “the armpit of America”, it’s safe to say our home is a bit underrated. From the struggle of not knowing how to pump our own gas to the glory of knowing every word to Livin’ On A …
What Lies Beneath Cape May Beaches?
Have you ever sat on the beach and wondered what was buried underneath the sand you’re sitting on? If not, maybe it’s time to get curious. We discovered two interesting landmarks that are now hidden from view on our Cape May beaches.
What’s In Heather’s iPhone?
Recently a few new SoJO 104.9 interns noticed I have a CRAZY amount of photos in my cell phone library. They asked to snoop through it, and giggled at some of what they saw. Then, they challenged me to scroll through (to every 10th image to be exact) and make a random photo gallery. For better or wo…

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