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Jersey Youth Soccer Game Canceled by Helicopter
On Sunday in Newark, two New Jersey boys' youth soccer teams were getting ready to take the field when a rich guy's helicopter landed on it.
The helicopter was there to pick up New Jersey Devils owner Josh Harris, and landed on the field to wait for him
5 Things You Need to Know about Those Selfie Girls
Perhaps you, like me, stood is harsh judgement of the band of blondes who were caught on camera at a recent baseball game selfie-ing up a storm. These 'selfie girls' seemed more engrossed in posing for photos than in the actual game. And they faced quite a bit of backlash on social me…
Should Youth Football Be Illegal?
After three recent football-related deaths of high school students--the most recent casualty being the high school quarterback Evan Murray here in New Jersey, some are wanting to outlaw one of the country's biggest sports for youngsters...

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