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Mariah Carey May Replace Nicole Scherzinger on ‘X Factor’
Call it a clash of the divas! Following a tumultuous first ‘X Factor‘ season, Nicole Scherzinger is rumored to be leaving … And to have a pretty pricey replacement: None other than the best selling female artist of all time, Mariah Carey, may fill the Over 30s judge&CloseCurlyQuot…
Miley Cyrus Caught Braless in See-Thru Shirt
We’ve heard of getting caught with your pants down but teen queen Miley Cyrus got caught with her bra off! But don’t fret, Miley fans or parents of Miley fans. She wasn’t doing anything bad or wrong, or photographed in an compromising position that wil…
Seal’s Temper Led to Heidi Klum Divorce
After telling PEOPLE they were splitting despite “seven very loving, loyal and happy years of marriage,” new details are emerging regarding the split between German supermodel and ‘Project Runway’ host Heidi Klum and hubby Seal.
10 ‘Healthy’ Foods that Can Pack on Pounds
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a slice of pizza loaded with fatty sausages and drizzling with grease is bad for you. But some foods, such as trail mix, sports drinks, and even dried fruit are calorie bombs in disguise. “Fr
10 Ways to Tell if You’re a Crazy Pet Person
We all know people who take their love of pets just a little too far. They can never have enough cats, dogs, birds, or any other exotic animal that catches their eye. They share everything with their pets; they dress them, they show them off and they sometimes treat them even better than their child…

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