Movies To Look Out For This Weekend
Whether you are out on a date, want to get the kids out of the house, or would like some alone time, here's some movies opening this Friday that you can check out at your nearest movie theatre!
3 Movies I Can’t Wait to See [VIDEO]
I love fall movie season! It signifies the studio's releasing their very best projects in hopes of contending during award season. While I don't think all three of the film's I'm really excited to see will be Oscar-worthy, the story lines have me intrigued. From Anne Hathaway stepping into Miranda P…
3 Memorable Rodeo Movie Moments [VIDEO]
Saturday's SoJO Red Cup Rodeo event is bringing to mind some memorable rodeo movie scenes! From the Academy Award-worthy thanks to Matt McConaughey to a cult fave starring Luke Perry, rodeo makes for big on screen drama.
‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ Actress Dead at 43
In 1987, Can't Buy Me Love was my FAVORITE movie. I really admired the film's star Amanda Peterson. She was gorgeous and so All-American. I styled my hair just like her and dressed just like her. She seemed the effortless type. The film would eventually become a cult classic, and become a launching …
On Heather’s Bucket List: Ride a Mechanical Bull
Since 1980, I've been fascinated with wanting to ride a mechanical bull. I blame it on the film Urban Cowboy starring John Travolta and Debra Winger (actually I still can't believe they made a WHOLE movie with the premise of conquering a mechanical bull, but whatever). I was riveted by the…
Watch Transformers Ruin Your Favorite Movies [VIDEO]
What would happen if Forrest and Jenny got smashed by a decepticon? Or how about Jerry Maguire getting demolished in the middle of his big 'Free Fallin' solo? The Titanic? It hasn't got a prayer. Transformers destroy everything, and now they've ruined your favorite movies. Watch …

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