Heather’s 5 Great War Movies List
War movies can be difficult to watch, but they're thought-provoking and necessary. I shutter to call watching them a 'past time' for me, but it is something I share with my Dad, who is a Vietnam vet. From the gruesome to the heart-wrenching, here's my list of greatest war films.
Peanuts Transition Perfectly onto Big Screen [REVIEW]
Whatever your level of interest, one thing remains certain about Charles Schulz' Peanuts gang: they've transcended generations. Never was that more evident than over the weekend in movie theaters around the country as Charlie Brown and his famous friends took the leap from the small screen…
Movies To Look Out For This Weekend
Whether you are out on a date, want to get the kids out of the house, or would like some alone time, here's some movies opening this Friday that you can check out at your nearest movie theatre!

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