Watch Transformers Ruin Your Favorite Movies [VIDEO]
What would happen if Forrest and Jenny got smashed by a decepticon? Or how about Jerry Maguire getting demolished in the middle of his big 'Free Fallin' solo? The Titanic? It hasn't got a prayer. Transformers destroy everything, and now they've ruined your favorite movies. Watch …
Watch the Official Jem and the Holograms Movie Trailer [VIDEO]
Jem and the Holograms are getting a new lease on life. The popular 80's cartoon about a teen girl who moonlights as a pop star (clearly the inspiration for Hannah Montana) has been refashioned as a live-action adventure coming to the big screen this fall. Watch the truly outrageous official mov…
Brand New Trailer for Avengers 2 Released [VIDEO]
My Girlfriend and I are addicted to the Marvel movies, and she's not even into comic books! One of the most anticipated movies is the upcoming Avengers sequel.  We've already had a few teasers, and here's another one that makes this movie even more exciting!

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