Here Are Some of the Smallest Towns in South Jersey
South Jersey is famous for its beaches, boardwalks, casinos, restaurants and those awesome jug handles. But aside from the 'big city' (Atlantic City) and beach destinations, the area is full of small, normal towns. Have you ever wondered what some of South Jersey's smallest towns are?
Fun New Jersey Swag You Can Find on Amazon
July 27th is National New Jersey Day! Never heard of it? Well, it's the most important day of the year for the Garden State. That's right, we're celebrating all the full-service, diner loving goodness that is New Jersey!
10 Reasons Not to Move to South Jersey
Have a family member or friend who's thinking of moving to South Jersey? If you care about them at all you will send them this article to warn them of the "terrors" of living in South Jersey.

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