Grammy winner Carrie Underwood arrived to the awards show red carpet Sunday in a black, goth-inspired Roberto Cavalli.  But for her performance the singer shed her dark side and strapped on a magic gown of Disney Princess proportion.

Carrie's voluminous silver stage ball gown made her look regal, but also boasted special powers as it seemed to light up from underneath.  Images were also projected onto the frock constructed from 10 yards of Duchess satin.  This custom Theia gown was designed specifically for the vivid light show which included fluttering butterflies and neon swirls.

According to, a team of video production specialists worked on the technical effects for the garment that Theia designer Don O'Neil was given just 72 hours to produce.

The hi-tech dress breathed life into Carrie's performance of her smash hit 'Blown Away' which she had to remain perfectly still for about 4 minutes to execute to ensure the projections went perfectly.