Carrie Underwood received great reviews for her show at Boardwalk Hall this past Friday night, however, it was how she gave back to South Jersey that made even more news....



As we continue to give you news on people giving their time and money in hopes to restore the shore, Carrie Underwood decided to do her part as well.



Carrie made an announcement on stage that she would be donating all profits and proceeds from the evening’s show to victims of Hurricane Sandy.


She said, "I can't imagine taking money off tonight's show after what you guys have been through," so she promised to give the money back to the community.



She later tweeted, "“Thank you beautiful Atlantic City! You all made my year! You have been through so much and still rocked the house! I leave in awe! Thanks!”



Stories of generosity like this is very good to read, but there is still more work to be done.  Tell us how you are 'restoring the shore', plus read other ways you can help by clicking here.