Jersey rockers Bon Jovi have individually flexed their muscles with their outside passions - so which member is about to have one of his creations turned into a movie?

You know that Jon Bon Jovi has shown some real skills as an actor in a dozen or so films over the last 20 years (U-571, Pay It Forward, and New Year's Eve come to mind), but it is not him who has created a new movie project.

Tico Torres has shown off his artistic side with his artwork over the years, has created a fashion line for babies ("Rock Star Baby"), and recently brought out his passion for golf playing in a Celebrity Pro-Am in the UK, but he's not the one either.

Richie Sambora just released his 3rd solo CD of his career ("Aftermath of The Lowdown" - his 1st solo CD in 14 years), so he's created new music but not a movie project.

That leaves David Bryan who created the 2010 Tony Award winning musical Memphis.  The fruits of his labor have been picked up Alcon Entertainment and will be made into a feature length flick, with Warner Brothers more than likely distributing the finished product.

The story of Memphis is loosely based on DJ Dewey Phillips, who was one of the first white DJs to play African-American music in the 1950s.

Early predictions is that this project should be out in 2014 - congratulations to David for seeing his passion gain more life!