Boaters in the Atlantic ocean between Ocean City and Longport discovered a body floating in the water Thursday afternoon.  It is likely that of Corinthian Hammond, the missing 14-year old who fell from the jetty off 9th St. in Ocean City on Sunday.


The discovery came approximately 12:30pm around the area of Ocean City-Longport Bridge, reports.

The body was recovered U.S. Coast Guard and N.J. State Marine Police, however we have had no confirmation yet that has positively identified that body as Hammond.

The Hunting Park, Pennsylvania teen was with a group of people on a jetty near 9th St. around 7:00p.m. Sunday when a rip current swept them into the water. Lifeguards were off-duty at the time.

Teen Missing Off the Coast of Ocean City Beach [UPDATE]

The Coast Guard suspended it's rescue efforts late afternoon on Monday.

Our thoughts go out to Corinthian's family and this sorrowful time.