Since Tuesday morning, we have been keeping you updated on the search for David McAuliffe, a missing Sea Tow Captain from Egg Harbor Township.  State police have now confirmed that his boat has been found....


The 49 ft vesicle was found near Ocean City.  McAuliffe left Atlantic City around 7:45am Tuesday morning.  Later that afternoon, the Coast Guard received an alert from an emergency radio beacon.  They tried to reach the Tow Captain, but radio and cell phone calls were not returned.


Update:  After inspecting The Cape Hatteras, police did not find a body on the boat.  The missing person's investigation continues.


It is still not known what caused the boat to sink.


According to The Press of Atlantic City, The family will likely have a local memorial service for his son at some point in the near future.  McAuliffe’s father, David R. McAuliffe, said, 'We’ve accepted his untimely demise, but we would like to have some remains to process for a final disposition. That does not seem to come to us at this point.'


If you would like to help the McAuliffe family, they that you give the David C. McAuliffe Memorial Fund, a fundraiser set up at