Did you not hear me before? Hide your picnic baskets!


A particular Black Bear has been on the move, and has been popping up in several South Jersey communities.  The picture you're seeing is not the actual bear I speak of.  I found this picture online.  If I personally encountered the bear, I would run for my life, and scream like a little girl.   I don't care if the bear is more scared of me than I am of him.


Just last night, a bear was spotted in the woods near the intersection of Briggs and Union Mill roads in Mount Laurel. (6ABC)  Is this just one bear, or is this multiple bears? Just a few days ago, I reported bear sightings in Winslow TownshipEvery day since there have been new sightings. The reports have generally progressed northward - Waterford, Evesham, Medford, Mount Laurel - covering a roughly 20 mile stretch.  Maybe it just wants to go home?


Either way, if you see a bear, stay away from it.  The End.