A top 10 of the country's most thrilling theme park rides was recently released by USA Today, and three coasters from Six Flags Great Adventure made the cut!

Arthur Levine of USA Today scoured the U.S. for the most intense rides around. Luckily for us, a bunch of them are right in our backyard.

All of NJ's come from Six Flags Great Adventure

8. El Toro

Six Flags Entertainment

Ride fans refer to the negative G-force, out-of-your-seat sensation that coasters deliver as "airtime." I have never experienced so much violent (in the nicest possible sense) airtime as I have on the wooden coaster, El Toro. And that's no bull.


3  Zumanjaro Drop of Doom

Six Flags Entertainment

This drop ride is bolted onto insanely tall coaster tower and slowly lifts passengers over 400 feet in the air, let them stew in open seats for a few what-have-I-gotten-myself-into moments, and release them into gut-wrenching 90-mph free falls.


2. Kingda Ka

Six Flags Entertainment

Known as a rocket coaster, it uses hydraulic launch systems to sling their trains to a  dizzying height and speed (456 feet – the tallest coaster in the world – and 128 mph) 90 degrees up and 90 degrees down "top hat" towers. Before passengers have a chance to say, "What just happened?" they are back at the station removing the bugs from their teeth.


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