Trying to rate the best restaurants in America can be a difficult task.  Think about how may restaurants had to be recommended, reviewed, and experienced by patrons and food experts.  A new list has come out rating the 101 Best Restaurants in America, and there seems to be a major bias toward New York City.

The Daily Meal released this list today, and over 30% of the 101 Best Restaurants are in the New York City area.  Looking closer, over half of the Top-20 places to go and dine at are NYC area based.

With all the great dining options in South Jersey and Philadelphia, you would have figured there would be a presence on this list.  Sadly, only 3 places made the cut among the nation's best, and all 3 are Philly based:  Zahav on St. James Place (placing in at #86) has made their reputation with their authentic flavors of Israel, featuring a great selection of Hummus and more; Le Bec-Fin (pictured and ranked #34) on Walnut Street is preparing for their re-opening in May; Vetri (#26) on Spruce Street is bring the kind of Italian cuisine that has Mario Batali singing its praises.

How unfair does it seem that only 3 Philly places made this list?  Bigger injustice that Atlantic City was shut out?  What place would you nominate for one of the Best Restaurants in America?  Feel free to respond and defend the area with pride!