It's about time.

So thankful MTV worked out a deal with Mike Judge to bring some real entertainment back to the network's Thursday night lineup.

Welcome back 'Beavis and Butthead'!  It's been too long, my dear old friends, too long. 

The duo's never-ending quest to score chicks has reached epic stupidity, lol.  In last night's premier episode 'B&B' take in a viewing of  'Twilight' and upon seeing gaggles of girls swooning over R. Patt, set out to become werewolves and vampires to get girls to pay attention to them.  They're idea of a plan?  Pay the local Highland homeless man (whom they mistakenly identify as a creature of the undead) $1 to bite them.  What they don't know if that said homeless man has Hepatitis C among other ailments.  Flash to feeble, sore-covered losers who eventually wind up in the emergency while still awaiting their transformations.  Classic!

The best part of the whole half hour?  Beavis and Butthead doing what they do best...being couch potatoes and trying to make sense out of music videos.  Listening to their size-up of LMFAO was like music to my ears!  Give me more!