The 1st Amendment does protect our Freedom of Speech, but does pressing the "Like" button on Facebook fall under the protection of that amendment?  According to one judge, that would be a No!

A story came out over the weekend about Virginia judge Raymond A. Jackson ruling in a case about six former employees of the sheriff's department in Hampton.  Sheriff B. J. Roberts was sued after he fired the six people in question - he claims they were either fired for poor performance, or because supporting his opponent "hindered the harmony and efficiency of the office".  They say they were fired for supporting his opponent in his bid to be reelected, which would be a violation of their First Amendment rights.  One of the six fired, Daniel Ray Carter, "liked" the Facebook page of Roberts' opponent.

Judge Jackson pointed out that other cases involving written messages on Facebook protected the speaker with the First Amendment, but clicking the "like" button is different and doesn't provide protection.  A lawyer for the defense has already said they'll appeal the decision.