Back To School has officially started this week in South Jersey.  Either your kids, or you yourself, are heading back to the 'grind'.  Does this week bring you cheers or tears?

Back to school always brought me....


lots of least while I was growing up.

Every year, the back to school ads will show up on my TV screen earlier than last year.  Once those ads hit, you knew you were in trouble.  I can always remember a small groan coming out of my sister and I, the moment we saw the first 'back to school' commercial while watching Saturday morning cartoons.


On the other hand, back to school also brought lots of cheers, specifically during my senior year in high school.

Not only was it the last back to school day for yours truly, but also a day that was like a scene from Fast Times At Ridgemont High.



You may be a parent and feel that the kids going back to school is actually more stressful.  Then again, you may find it a relief.


Tell me about your week so far, is back to school 'cheers' or 'tears'?    Feel free to take our poll and comment below.