If you were planning to head down to the Atlantic City Boardwalk on Sunday, you will be overwhelmed by some 4,000+ runners ready to tackle one of the oldest marathons in the U.S. today.

The NYC Marathon and the Boston Marathon great a great deal of attention from the media (including live coverage by some sports cable outlets), but the Atlantic City Marathon is entering its 54th edition and will gather thousands from all over the world to compete on Sunday morning (Oct. 21).

The A.C. Marathon "main event" is the 26.2-mile run, but shorter races will take place as part of the festivities starting this Saturday (Oct. 20).  The 5K and 10K runs will start at 9am - sponsored by the Shore Medical Center.  The kids can take part in the Fit Final Mile at 11am.

5K and 10K are sponsored by Shore Medical Center and take place at 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 20 on the historic Atlantic City boardwalk. The Kids Fit Final Mile run follows at 11 a.m. and gives young runners a chance to compete.

Sunday's "main event" (featuring the half-marathon and the full 26.2 mile race) will begin and end on the Boardwalk, and if you head down there you will see a large crowd of onlookers and supporters.  Most of these people make a day of this annual event, and according to Marg Mancuso (the Director of Race Services) the area businesses benefit greatly.

“Each runner brings an average of 2.1 people with them to Atlantic City,” Mancuso explains. “Restaurants will be full and stores will be busy.  Visitors are looking to enjoy themselves during the weekend so it’s a very positive thing for local business.”

Should you want to get signed up for one of these events this weekend, you can click here for more information.