Another national survey was done, and AC made the list!  Great!  What list??   Oh......

According to the magazine 'Condé Nast Traveler'  (I guess they're the experts)


Atlantic City made the list of the most UNfriendlist cities in America...

Here is the complete list:


1.  Newark, New Jersey


2.  Oakland, California


3.  New Haven, Connecticut


4.  Detroit, Michigan


5.  Atlantic City, New Jersey


6.  Los Angeles, California


7.  Albany, New York


8.  Wilmington, Delaware


9.  Anaheim, California


10.  Sacramento, California



Here are the friendliest:


1.  Charleston, South Carolina


2.  Galena, Illinois


3.  Savannah, Georgia


4.  Asheville, North Carolina


5.  Austin, Texas


6.  Jackson, Mississippi


7.  Natchez, Mississippi  (Pronounced like "matches")


8.  Telluride, Colorado


9.  Sonoma, California


10.  Branson, Missouri