Could the wave of the future in apartment living be in the form of "Micro Units"?  New York City is looking into this idea, and if successful could create a solution to a national housing problem - crating an option for singles and couples, maybe.

Word came out from NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg that he invited developers to propose ways to turn a Manhattan lot into an apartment building filled mostly with dwellings complete with a bathroom, built-in kitchenette and enough space for a careful planner to use a fold-out bed as both sleeping space and living room.

These units are to be only 300 square feet in size, which is smaller than the NYC law requires for apartments - a minimum size of 400 square feet.  Should Bloomberg's plan becomes successful, that law will surely disappear quickly.

This idea could become a national idea with merit.  The Associated Press reports that around the country more people are living alone than ever before.  The solo living rate rose to almost 27 percent in 2010, according to the last census.

Similar programs have been proposed in other cities - take San Francisco where developers are seeking permission to rent out apartments as small as 150 square feet.  So how small is too small?


The key will be affordability for places of this tininess - some of these places make college dorm rooms look spacious!  The average rate for a studio apartment in NYC is $2000 a month, and a 1 bedroom is around $2700 a month.

This plan seems to lean toward major cities, but could it really be an option in New Jersey?  Check out this recent ABC News report on some of these Micro Units and decide for yourself (thanks to Yahoo for the video)