Ainrinth Kuth/flickr

If you are any where close to a "Boy Band" concert, you can hear the kids screaming from miles away.  Wait a min.   Gasp! Is that the kids or the Moms??

The popularity of the boyband group  One Direction have come very quickly.  It's almost very similar to the beginnings of groups like New Kids On The Block, Backstreet Boys, and N Sync.  We noticed them from out of no where, and then they exploded.
For at least four days, I have heard nothing but One Direction this----and One Direction that----from the beloved woman who does your SoJO traffic, Jill Myra.  Yes friends, her and many other mothers, are going nuts over these guys.
Maybe it's because their kids love them, and in order to bond with them, they like it too?  Perhaps they grew up during the New Kids On The Block era?  Maybe they geinually love these guys, and therefore drag their poor husbands along out of pure fun.
What do you think?  Are boybands more for the kids, or, the Moms?