Over the years, I have found myself saying 'Happy Holidays' more than I say 'Merry Christmas', because I'm worried I might offend somebody.


It's kinda strange to be honest with you.   I always said 'Merry Christmas' as a kid.


So why do I feel like I'm not allowed to say it now?


Let me be clear, I have great respect for all holidays and traditions.  I have many close friends who celebrate Hanukkah, and I always say to them 'Happy Hanukkah', even though I'm not Jewish.  Some people may find that offensive, but my friends don't.  My point is, again, I respect all holidays and traditions.


But I still can't say 'Merry Christmas'.


So, I'm a little confused here, and maybe you can help me out.  My intention isn't to offend anybody, just discussion.