Often, you hear about celebrity contracts and their demands.  Everything from their rooms must be 72 degrees on the dot, to only red jelly beans should be served on the tour after a concert.

This demand, believe it or not, isn't all too bad.  When you hear Adele and her music, you know that she has great taste in songwriting.  She has also has great taste in beer.  According to NBC Philadelphia, her contract states: "She must have 12 bottles of beer on her bus, but it can't be just any beer. It must be the "best quality European lager beer." Beck's, Stella Artois, Peroni, the pact suggests helpfully." Again, great taste, but is it still a little too much?  Are you really going to raise cain if a Miller Lite is opened on your tour bus?

What do YOU think about this?  Is it crazy? If you could sign a contract and have anything you wanted, what would be YOUR stipulations/demands?