Entertainment Weekly has just released their list of the 30 Greatest Artists Right Now. 

Adele's recent rise to fame and her impact on the music industry gains her number one status, according to the publication, just ahead of Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and Lady Gaga, and some surprising picks like Jack White and Fiona Apple.

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30.  Beach House

29.  Kimbra

28.  Calvin Harris

27.  Gotye

26.  Beyonce

25.  Florence + The Machine

24.  Lady Gaga

23.  Bruce Springsteen

22.  Coldplay

21.  Azelia Banks

20.  Fun.

19.  Jake Owen

18.  Kelly Clarkson

17.  Fiona Apple

16.  Asap Rocky

15.  The Civil Wars

14.  Jay-Z

13.  Kanye West

12.  Foo Fighters

11.  Bruno Mars

10.  Rihanna

9.  Mumford & Sons

8.  Nicki Minaj

7.  The Black Keys

6.  Jack White

5.  Katy Perry

4.  Carrie Underwood

3.  Drake

2.  Taylor Swift

"Once a generation (at best), an artist as singular and indomitable as Adele comes along.  And when that happens, everyone from record executives to aspiring coffeehouse chanteuses starts scrambling to capture a little bit of the magic for themselves."

--Clark Collins, Entertainment Weekly

1.  Adele