We all know the songs from Adele from her 21 CD by now, but what you may not know is the Mash-Up treatment "Set Fire To The Rain" has gotten, plus you may be shocked to hear how well it works with a One-Hit Wonder from the mid-80s.

Although this Mash-Up has not caught fire yet, there has been increasing buzz over this.  My girlfriend pointed this one out to me, and the shocker here is how well this creation works!

Back in 1985, a new wave group from Italy came out and scored one dominating hit that reached Top-5 in 10 countries.  This song peaked at #13 here in the states, and it was the "15 Minutes of Fame" that Baltimora had with "Tarzan Boy".

Suddenly the band that has been gone for over 20 years has seen some interest because their one hit has been mashed up with Adele's "Set Fire To The Rain" by The Reborn Identity - creating what is now dubbed "Tarzan and Rain".

Watch this, and listen to how well the beat is synched up to Adele's vocals, creating a fresh take on her monster hit.