A voice unlike any other that had come before it.  A spine-tingling range of ability and emotion.  A gift deteriorating in front of the eyes of fans and those in her inner circle powerless to help her defeat the demons she was so unsuccessfully able to overcome.  Whitney Houston opened her mouth and sent her spirit crashing into our universe.  She was beautiful and cool, with a smile bright enough to light up the night.  But like so many great talents before her the machine took its toll--applying pressure too heavy too be relieved by accolades and praise and the adoration of peers and millions of fans.  Whitney Houston turned into herself, numbing her pain and extinguishing one of the world’s purest and most memorable voices...now forever silenced.  This song bird has flown.  And today, as speculation surrounding her death mounts, we lift up and we sing, we dance, and we remember the hair standing up on our arms as she took us above and beyond.  SoJO celebrates the life and the legacy of Whitney Houston.  1963-2012.