Some pay hundreds for designer jeans.  But we think that all jeans are made the same and designer jeans aren't special or any different than Levi's.  Do you think that spending a lot of money on blue
jeans is stupid?

I was at Atlantic City Outlets The Walk on Saturday.   I was with a friend of mine, that wanted to buy a few pairs of jeans.  After looking around for a while, I was listening to other people as they were shopping.  One person confessed that they actually have spent 500 dollars in blue jeans alone.  Another person claimed to do weird things to jeans, like freeze them before wearing them.  (I guess to get a tighter look?)
Do you know someone  that just buys jeans for the brand name, and ends up paying an arm and a leg?  Are the jeans a member of their family?   Do you think spending a lot of money on jeans in South Jersey is stupid?