For a town known for it's surfing, it seems that Ocean City wants to provide some adventure on land as well.


A new skate park in Ocean City is being proposed to be built between fifth street and Asbury Avenue.


Most residents who attended the city council meeting last night approved of the new skate park, just not necessarily the location.


According to NBC 40, 'The committee proposed that the skatepark be rebuilt in a small portion of the municipal parking lot behind the fire department headquarter on 5th Street and Asbury Avenue.'


One Ocean City resident said 'I don't want to see kids riding skateboards down Bay Avenue to get to an airport.  It needs to be in the middle of town'


Regardless, a skate park will be built, but at the right location.  That being said, it could take some time to determine a location that everyone could agree on.


With the painted smile returning to the water tower in Longport, and now a skate park in Ocean City, what else should come to South Jersey? A new restaurant? Water park? Dave and Busters?


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