When you head to the Jersey Shore, you are ready to enjoy the beach, lay out and soak up the sun, and wearing your bathing suit - normal beach attire except for one shore town that has a 50+ year ordinance potentially about to bite back on bathing wear.

Louise Murray is a chairwoman of the local Republican party in the Asbury Park area, and she has brought an issue to the city council to have a little known law enforced - a 1958 ordinance that reads “No person clad in bathing attire shall be on the boardwalk or the public walks adjacent thereto.”  The Star Ledger reports that Murray is "worried skimpy attire at the boardwalk’s bars and restaurants is threatening to wipe away Asbury Park’s image as a classy Jersey Shore town."

Asbury Park's Deputy Mayor John Loffredo said he understands Murray’s concern, but states "How do you satisfy everybody?  I don’t think it’s appropriate to just wear a bathing suit at a bar, but it’s up to the business."

Asbury Park has gone from being the premier beach back in the day, to falling on hard times by the mid-90s, and now the area is more than just the legendary Stone Pony (the place that Springsteen put on the map).  The boardwalk today features condos, shopping and high end restaurants.

Town officials say this ordinance doesn’t even have a specific fine, which means that the general fine applies. And that’s up to $2000, plus 90 days in jail or community service.  Can you imagine being fined for wearing a bathing suit?