Spotting a fox may not seem like a big deal, but for some communities this a surprising rarity.  Recently in Margate, a fox was spotted unexpectedly on Sunday morning just outside the town's community church.

The Press of Atlantic City reports that foxes are a part of the landscape surrounding Margate, with Ocean City having more than 40 calls into local authorities during this past spring to report a fox sighting.

Foxes are normally not known to attack humans, but there have been some reports over the last few years of rabid attacks in the western part of the U.S.  A rabid fox is a rare appearance in South Jersey - according to the state Department of Health only 14 rabid foxes have been found in the Atlantic County area since 1989.

Foxes have been known to control the rodent population - their diet mainly consists of small animals (like rats), reptiles like snakes, and insects.

Don't get any ideas of trying to catch a fox and think that it would make a great pet - most foxes are not known to become "domesticated".