Meet Sam Gordon, a 9 year old pee wee football star that's made nationwide headlines by scoring 35 touchdowns and rushed 2,000 yards in just one season.  By the way, she's a girl.  Check out the video yourself....


Sam plays for an all boy tackle football league.  Don't worry if she'll get hurt being tackled by a boy, because she won't get tackled.


In fact, SHE tackles the boys, with 65 tackles all season.


She used to be play soccer, then she started watching BYU football games with her Dad, the rest you know.

This clearly gives some inspiration to some of the ladies who want to play football.  We hear of ladies trying out every now and then, mostly for a college team, and it's usually for a kicker position.


You never hear about them making the team.


You also hear of female football leagues, but they obviously don't play with the males like Sam does.


Which leads to this question, would you let your daughter play football in an all male league?  If you have a daughter, and some boy levels her, then what?


Then again, does it matter if you're a boy or a girl? Football is football....right?