As SoJO 104.9 salutes dads of all kinds for Father's Day, it has me thinking about all the things my dad has done for me.  I have come up with 5 distinctive things my dad has given me.

1) His "Name"

My father was born Batholomew, but my mom has always known him as "Bobby" - a nickname he picked up growing up in NYC.  When I was born, my father was thinking a namesake but my mother was not a fan of Bart (yes I was born before The Simpsons came into existence).  My mom won out, but I still was technically named after my dad.  Bobby = Robert, and growing up my dad was Bob or Bobby, so I was Rob (still am).

2) My First Job

My father worked in the newspaper business, and he helped set me up with my first significant job I would keep for about 9 summers with the New York Post.  Technically my mom got me my first ever job being a paper boy for the Asbury Park Press (pictured) - for those not old enough to understand, back in the 80s we still got info from the actual paper - internet came later.  I say the job for the Post was significant because I was pulling down $300 a week selling the paper on the corner of Wall Street and Broadway.

3) Vanity!

We all have vanity streaks, but my dad's involving combing the same 7 or 8 hairs that were left on the top of his head, blowing them out, spraying them down and making sure they were not out of place.  Today I have a similar streak in me when it comes to wearing my glasses out in public, or when my clothes do not fit right because I gained weight.  Still have issues (which my girlfriend will attest to), but I have made some strides in this, but I know that my dad gave me this gift (he also gave me his hairline - thanks Dad!)

4) My first poker experience

As much of a Texas Hold 'Em junkie I may be (I drive my girl crazy watching every poker tour on TV), it all started when my dad would play with my godfather and his wife, my mom's best friends and their family (they were all like family to me).  I remember doing very well playing 7-Card Stud, and Baseball (3s and 9s wild, and you can buy an extra card if you were dealt a 4).  My dad would look at my ability to play tournament poker as not a surprise, but would kill me if I paid big money to play.

5) A drive to be the best

I was reminded of this last year when I was working for FedEx as a freight loader.  I saw many take that job for granted and treated it with disrespect.  My father taught that no matter what you do to be the best at it.  In my short time there I would strive to be the best loader the company had out of West Chester, Pa.  I realize more than ever that this life lesson will take me further in life.

My dad passed away about 15 years ago (cancer) - he was not perfect but he was my dad.  Enjoy your parents everyday, not just on Father's Day or Mother's Day.  You will not have them forever.