Brad Pitt is peddling Chanel No.5 perfume.  It's not a fragrance I've ever considered before this new commercial, but suddenly I have the urge to hit a department store.  So I've listed 5 reasons this advertising campaign has worked on me.


I have no idea what in the world Brad is talking about...this clip reads more like a bad audition tape...but I can't stop watching it!  Here's why:

Reason #1--Brad is waxing philosophical.  And reflective men are sexy.

Reason #2--I'm a sucker for black and white imagery.

Reason #3--Brad is Chanel's first spokesMAN for No.5.  That must mean SOMETHING right?

Reason #4--He's dressed kind of like a slob, which brings the stuffy reputation of Chanel No.5 down a notch.

Reason #5--He's BRAD PITT!  And he's got Angelina Jolie by his side probably wearing this fragrance, which is basically good enough for me.

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