The opening ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London is now just hours away, and the buzz is increasing before Friday's official kickoff.  There always seems to be a few breakout stars from the Summer Olympics, and this time around should be no exception.

We remember names like Bruce Jenner, Mary Lou Retton, and Sugar Ray Leonard.  We remember moments like Greg Louganis smacking his head against the diving board only to go on and win the Gold Medal in 1988, the 2004 mens basketball team with LeBron James and Allen Iverson (to name a couple) fail not to get the Gold for USA, or Kerri Strug landing her vault on one leg to help the womens gymnastics team win the Gold in 1996.

The world will be watching, and we will be wondering who may have the great olympic moment this time around.  Here are 5 names for you to watch for in the 2012 London Games:

1) Hope Solo

The former contestant from Dancing With The Stars has already had press before the games for a "failed drug test", and now word that she was conceived by her parents in prison (her book is due out after the London Games).  Nevertheless, Solo is one of the most known names going into the UK, and after the soccer is done will be a highly sought after personality.  A Gold medal and an impressive Olympic performance in the goal will only make Solo even bigger.

2) Jordan Burroughs

This man from South Jersey is considered one of the big favorites for Team USA to win a Gold medal.  The confident wrestler (whose Twitter motto is "Wrestle, Win, Repeat") has already been on many of the morning TV talk shows and shows a winning personality meant to be experienced.  Jordan feels he is destined to win in London, has a website entitled, and is determined to make wrestling relevant this year - watch out if he does!  Is Wheaties paying attention?

3) Tyler Clary

This time in Men's Swimming Michael Phelps has a battle, and his countrymen has not been afraid to speak his mind - recently Clary stated that Michael "gets by more on raw talent than hard work".  Calling out the man who won 8 Gold medals and made history 4 years ago has created a rivalry!  Clary went further by saying "the fact that he doesn’t have to work as hard to get that done is a real shame".  We can only hope the hype right now can live up and create great swimming drama with these 2 battling for Gold against each other.

4) Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley

The stars of Absolutely Fabulous have carried the Olympic torch today, and have reunited for new episodes of their classic comedy series.  Now how does this make them breakout stars?  This show has never truly received its just do in America, and these 2 ladies are Brit royalty for their comedic work.  Some of the new episodes center around the Olympics, and they are hysterical.  The Olympics may be the thing that gives this series a look by more here in America.