This Mother's Day, it's best to steer clear of gift items that leave mom to do all the work.  According to a new survery these five gadgets are the most unused gifts.  There's no way mom wants to spend her whole day scrubbing dried cheese and chocolate out of the bottom of a fondue pot.  So beware, and leave these items on the shelf if you don't want to be sent to your room.

1.  Homemade Ice Cream Maker.  Too many working parts to take apart for cleaning.  Take mom out for some instead!

2.  Pedometer Keep Fit Device.  No need to remind mom that she probably could use more exercise.

3.  Fondue Pot.'s harder than it looks.

4.  Soda Maker.  Again, harder than it looks, and so much easier to just pick up a 2-liter bottle.

5.  Melon Baller.  Even with this gadget, melon balling take some time to perfect.  Time mom could be using to relax!