Today has seen Tom Morgan and Heather DeLuca look back at the greatness of writer/director/producer Nora Ephron.  Her passing silences a voice that brought so many memorable movie moments that will live forever in time.  Tom and Heather mentioned some of her work, but not all.

No doubt that her work on When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless In Seattle has made modern day classics, her screenplay for Julie & Julia made that true story sing, and You've Got Mail reminded us why Meg Ryan owes so much of her career to Nora Ephron.

Now here are 5 more films you may have forgotten that Nora Ephron help create for the big screen:


1) Silkwood

The 1983 film earned 5 Oscar nominations, and the story of Karen Silkwood earned Ephron the first of her 3 career Oscar nominations for Best Screenplay.  When you make Cher a star (and help her earn an Oscar nomination), and help show that Kurt Russell is a brilliant actor that can do so much more than what he was given at that stage of his career, it shows Nora has an amazing gift for writing.  This was the beginning of her legacy.

2) Heartburn

This 1986 film reunited Nora with Meryl Streep (Oscar nominee in Silkwood), and brought Jack Nicholson to this dance in an autobiographical look at the breakup of Ephron's marriage to Carl "All the President's Men" Bernstein.  Nora actually wrote the book before converting it to a film, and her first novel became a New York Times best seller.  Ephron took great pride in her book success, having come from print work for magazines like Esquire and The Times Magazine.

3) Michael

John Travolta was on a roll after Pulp Fiction, and this fun and offbeat film took in about $100 Million domestically in 1996.  Two tabloid reporters are checking out a report of the Archangel Michael living with an old woman find that it's true.  Travolta took Ephron's screenplay and brought this fantasy to life.  Like many before him, Travolta was sold on Nora's words that he would work with her again.

4) Lucky Numbers

Travolta's reunion with Ephron came in 2000 as she produced and directed this dark, twisted true story and made it almost sweet.  This film proves even the most talented cannot always be successful, as the film barely made $10 Million.  This was a rare film that Ephron did not write, which may have held this movie back a bit, but the cast of Lisa Kudrow, Ed O'Neill, Tim Roth, Bill Pullman and Michael Rapaport make this one one to check out on Red Box.  The story involves a TV weatherman and a rigged lottery.

5) Bewitched

Before you make any comments, you cannot deny that you have not watched this movie at some point - seems like TBS plays this flick at least once a week!  Nora gave this idea a new angle and twist, and got to work with her sister Delia on this 2005 film that made over $130 Million worldwide.  As strong of a cast as this movie was (Will Ferrell, Nicole Kidman, Shirley MacLaine, Jason Schwartzman), Steve Carell stole the movie with his 5 minutes of being Uncle Arthur.