Word broke in the last 24 hours that the recent Powerball lottery jackpot of $173 Million was won by a group of SEPTA workers in Philadelphia.

Could this bring some potential job openings?

Philly.com broke the news that all the winning employees work at SEPTA headquarters on Market Street, most of them in the finance department.  The winning $2 ticket was purchased at the Newsstand at the Gallery, a couple of blocks away.

No word yet of who exactly these winners are, or if any of them may be from N.J., but the bottom line is that each member of this SEPTA group have become millionaires.

They could choose to take the annuity for the $173 Million - giving each employee just over $120,000 a year for 30 years.  Option 2 (and the more popular choice) is to take the lump sum of $107.5 Million - giving each SEPTA winner $2,281,250 before taxes.  Factor in the federal and state cuts and each person would clear around $1.5 Million.

With 48 new millionaires, it raises the question if any or all of them will choose to leave SEPTA and enjoy early retirement.  In this difficult economy, you may want to see if job openings are coming soon from SEPTA.

Here's something to ponder -- if you were one of the "SEPTA 48" and just became a millionaire, would you be quitting your job?