So, between being unexpectedly hospitalized for six days, and having some free time on my hands lately, I discovered how bad reality television has gotten.  I'm a reality TV junky, but there are a few shows I've stumbled upon lately that just have me completely annoyed.  And I hope you'll stop watching them so they go away.  Maybe it's summer, and pickings are slim, but these are bottom of the barrel.


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    The Sorrentino's

    When Jersey Shore ended, so should have Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino's 15 minutes of fame.  But, nope, our friends at TV Guide Channel decided to not only pick up where Jersey Shore left off, but film The Sitch's entire family.  Each member of which is completely uninteresting.  Tanning salon fights between siblings still don't provide compelling content for this half hour series.

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    Bachelor in Paradise

    Ok, this one starts on ABC tonight.  But there's no reason to give this a chance just based on the TV previews.  Everything Bachelor-related on ABC is so contrived and scripted, to call it 'reality' TV is an insult.  Former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants will try to find true love acting like hoochies and gigolos in a tropical local.  Don't let this one succeed.  Please.

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    Million Dollar Listing Miami

    Petulant real estate agents bellyache over listings and fight to sell properties in one of the country's most coveted locals.  This is definitely a program I think is scripted.  It feel so disingenuous and even the clients seem like actors.  The real estate personalities are too entitled to stomach, and are just too impressed with themselves.  It's horrible.